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Why it's Important to Stick to a Long-Term Financial Plan

When we encounter large world wide financial events, like the Coronavirus, it can be tempting to act quickly even if we have a long term plan in place. Watch this short animated video about what we have seen in past financial downturns, and why its important to stay calm and stick to a long-term plan.

The Long-Term Plan Animated Video

Breaking Down the CARES Act

Many people are still wondering how the CARES Act will affect them, their family, and friends. Here are our main takeaways from the CARES Act.

Working Parents 

Many parents are finding it hard to juggle between working, parenting, home-schooling and isolation. Here are some tips to find perspective and balance.

Know Your Resources 

Many are facing financial uncertainty at this time. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau site lists key resources and steps to help protect yourself financially from the impact of COVID-19.

Cyber Scams

Remember to remain vigilant for cyber scams related to COVID-19. Attackers are preying on matters like virus vaccines, pandemic relief checks, charity pleas and more. Exercise caution and avoid engagement with unknown sources.

Know How to Act When the Headlines Make You to React

The goal of a good headline is to draw you in. This is done simply by making an emotional connection with you hoping you'll respond with a reaction big enough to have you pick up a paper or click a link. So being aware of these kinds of gimmicks can help everyone take a step back and put things into perspective. Check out this short article to learn more. 

Know How to Act When the Headlines Make You to React

Four Ways to Stay Calm When Markets Stumble

It can be hard to come up with even one way to stay calm when we see world wide markets fluctuating. So here are four ways to keep things in perspective as we weather this together.   

Four Ways to Stay Calm When Markets Stumble